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Wanna Be Friends?

You know the drill. Art, fanfiction, fanmixes, videos, it's all public.
RL stuff, memes, my thoughts, my dreams, my "this day was awesome!" and my "this day sucked!" posts are friends only.
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If you wanna be friends and we have common interests, I'll be more than happy to add you. If you wanna be friends and we have nothing in common, I'll still add you. I'm open-minded and I love making new friends. I try to post and comment often, and read my friends' entries so that's what I'm looking for in a friend too.

Please, leave a comment here, if you'd like for me to add you. :)

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'Tis the season!

There's nothing I love like Christmas!!
Please, help! Link me to your favorite christmas icons posts!!



oh, hello there

There are so many imporatant things I can talk about. Like the fact that I got a straight A on my admission exam and am now studying English Philology in the best university in the country. The fact that I moved to said country's capital and have been living with my two best friends for the last month but am now home for my brorther's birthday. But, instead, I choose to do a meme because ain't shipping what life is all about.

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Fic: Scars - Buffy/Spike

OMG! I have never worked on a fic for so long. And I've never written anything longer (yay! 3 000+ words :D). I rarely love my own fics that much. :D  Actually Love on Paper is the only other fic I love as much as this one. So if it sucks, you might not wanna tell me this time 'cause it just might brake my heart. Now, here it is!

Title: Scars
Characters/Pairings: Buffy/Spike
Rating: G
Word count: 3 476
Summary: Post-NFA. This time they didn’t save the world and 5 years later there’s nothing to save but their hearts.
A/N: Don’t look for your Spike and Buffy here. These Spike and Buffy (especially Buffy) have 5 years worth of change and I just hope that I have managed to keep them the same deep inside while transforming them to suit the world I have placed them in.
Disclaimer: Own? Nothing.

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HIMYM talk

adhuijhauighakgfjhnvj!!! I freaking love BARNEY/QUINN!!

I want Quinn to be the bride! I know they will make her into some cheating bitch to bring B/R back but OMG! I've hated Robin since she chose Kevin over Barney and I've never really liked her before that so TEAM HBIC QUINN! Please, please, please, let her be the bride! I rarely turn my back on my OTPs but B/R is officially off my current list of ships. Robin fucked up too much. So let there be a B/Q wedding and I shall be a happy camper!
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4 Spuffy drabbles

I wrote 5 150-word drabbles for WL AND my last 2 500-word drabbles for SW(wrote another 2 yesterday) in the last 4 hours(with a 1 hour stop for my show and another 1 hour for my mum, some music and actually posting the stuff). Must be some kinda record for me. :D

So by now I'm too lazy to repost these so I'm just linking you to spuffy_wonder. Hop eyou like them! Comments are <3!

''When She Was Back" and "When He Is Back"

"Correspondence: Buffy Style" and "Correspondence: Spike Style"